Light up your space with table and floor lamps

There’s no quicker or easier way to add warmth and comfort to a room or update the look of a space than with lamps. Lamps have come a long way and Mercator’s massive range of elegant and stylish designer inspired table and floor lamps will ensure you can choose something that works with the rest of your home. Whether your style is minimalist, glamorous, scandi or eclectic you will be sure to find a lamp to complement your own personal style.

Things to consider when choosing a lamp

What is the purpose of the lamp? Whether it will be used as a reading light in bed, or to light up a dark corner or just to be a decorative feature in a room it’s important to understand what your expectations are from the light source. Different purposes will require different light outputs so be sure to understand how you are going to use the light emitted from the lamp before you buy.

Pick the right globe for the lamp. Always use the correct wattage as specified on the product. Using a higher wattage globe than instructed could be a safety hazard. Lamps with fabric or opaque shades should use a frosted globe while lamps with clear shade or exposed lamp holders should use clear globes.

Shop energy efficient LED lamps

Mercator’s range of affordable LED floor and table lamps are perfect for task areas such as studies and home offices as they direct light where needed, have a high lumen output and most have in built dimming functions. Long lasting and using less energy than halogen globes, LED lamps are available in a variety of colours and styles ensuring there will be one to match any interior. Browse the range online today or find a stockist near you.

55 years of lighting solutions

Mercator has been at the forefront of the Australian lighting industry for over 55 years, so you can be sure that we understand lighting and the lighting needs of homes all across the country. Whether you are renovating, updating, decorating or just wanting to add a little flair to your home you can be sure Mercator will have the fitting you need at the best price, letting you add a little light to your home and your life.