Brighten up your home with LED downlights

A popular choice in many houses, downlights are a practical and versatile lighting solution. Sleek and stylish and available in different frame sizes, colour temperatures and specifications Mercator has a large range of LED downlights perfect for any home. Offering the latest in technology and innovative design, Mercator continues to position itself at the forefront of the Australian lighting industry.

Buy LED downlights online

Check out our range of IP rated outdoor downlights, suitable for alfresco areas and under eaves. Live in an apartment with concrete or hard to access ceilings? Our Cooper surface mounted downlight is the perfect option. No matter what your downlight needs, you will find exactly what you’re after – browse Mercator’s online store or visit one of our certified stockists today.

Benefits of LED downlights

  • They last a long time. Depending on the specifications and usage of the individual downlight, the life of an LED downlight may last up to 25 times longer than its traditional halogen competitor leading to reduce waste and creating less landfill.
  • They save you money. As one of the most energy efficient lighting sources in the world, LED technology can significantly reduce your lighting costs. Highly efficient and with low running costs, LED downlights are far cheaper to run than standard halogen downlights. Being energy saving and cost-effective LEDs will help the environment and save you money.
  • They provide a great source of light for any application. Whether you need a strong source of light to complete a specific task, or ambient mood lighting for an intimate setting, LED downlights offer a highly versatile source of light for any room and can be adjusted for any application.

Why Mercator is Australia’s trusted lighting supplier

With over 55 years’ experience in the lighting industry and with continual dedication to be at the forefront of lighting design and technology, Mercator’s extensive range of affordable and innovative light fixtures and fittings will bring style and comfort to any home. Meeting the highest of electrical standards, you can rest assured every Mercator product from downlights to task lamps has undergone the most stringent testing and is of the utmost quality. Shop online to view our complete range or search for a stockist near you.